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Snewpit is the easiest way to create, find and share all the latest news happening around you. Join the platform where we remove all the boundaries and help you deliver and discover the news that matters, when it happens, quicker than ever before.

Snewpit makes sharing news easy, fast and exciting. Upload your photo or video, just like on your favorite social media platform. Select the Category it belongs to, Write a Title & Description and then Share it!

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Sirens, Helicopters, Flashing Lights. All in the matter of minutes. Gone within moments!

Snewpit enables users to thrive on reactive reporting with the instant ability to capture and create real stories when it's happening.

Say goodbye to delayed, impersonal news. You become a contributor, the next source of news, the news that matters the most to you and the people around you.

A new way to get the news, in the fastest way, in your local way.

Your World!
All The News!

In a world where finding breaking news is a growing problem, Snewpit brings a refreshing way to watch and interact with the news as it's happening. You are in control of what you contribute and you are part of the solution towards a new ecosystem with live updates you can trust, in an instant.

Snewpit not only makes sharing news and current events easy, fast and exciting, but also keeps it real by allowing real people, on the ground to report what is happening, live.

You are in control. You are the ultimate news contributor and editor. You are part of a world that knows what is really going on.

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The Goal of

We have built a platform and community where News & Current events are powered by the public. Peer to peer news is the best way for you to understand what is going on as it happens. Forget about the local newspaper being published, or having to find the information you are looking for in a local site, searching for hashtags or looking in private groups. News happens fast and the only ones that can give you the news fast are the people that are witnessing it.

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Snewpit makes sharing news Easy and Fun. The smart design allows you to use the app like an expert, 30 seconds after Download!

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Your App, Your Channel. Share as many stories as you want. With Snewpit there are no limits.

Control your Privacy!

Your data is Safe with us. You only share what you decide to share. You are always in 100% control.

More Fun with Others!

No Boundaries of Social Circles or Private Groups, Snewpit is Social News Sharing on Steroids!

FAQ Answered

What Is A Snewp?

A Snewp is a story created by the Snewpit users. Because we believe in freedom of speech.

Each Snewp includes the location, the category, a photo or video, a title and a description of what is happening.

What Is A SubSnewp

A SubSnewp is like a Snewp but one that is added to an existing Snewp.

We believe in giving everyone the ability to share their views on what is happening around them. To make things simple, all related stories are located in one pin on a map.

Can I Edit or Delete a Snewp?

You can only edit a Snewp within 30 minutes of posting. This applies to both Snewps and SubSnewps.

You can only delete a Snewp if there are no SubSnewps for it. If you or another user add a SubSnewp to an existing Snewp it can no longer be deleted.

How Are Inappropriate Snewps Filtered?

Snewpit has a Rating system to help verify and reward real and informative stories. Simply by using the Upvote and Downvote buttons on each Snewp, users help validate each story. Anything with low ratings will be reviewed by the Snewpit team.

If you feel like a Snewp is inappropriate you can report this directly to the Snewpit team using the Report functionality on each Snewp.

How Do Ratings Work?

Each Snewp gets a Rating from 0-100 which is based on a calculation of the number of Upvotes and Downvotes. This allows users to Sort and/or Filter Snewps based on how well they are rated.

Do Users Get Ratings?

Yes. Each user receives a Credibility Score based on the numbers of Snewps they have posted and how each Snewp is rated.

Once the users reach a predetermined Credibility Score, they are rewarded with a Credibility Tick. This tick shows the Snewpit Community that these users are highly rated and credible.

How Secure Is Snewpit?

Snewpit is very safe and secure. Even though it is a location based service we do not record or track your location. The only data we keep is the data you post in your Snewps.

Where Can I Search?

With Snewpit you can search anywhere your curiosity takes you. Simply use the address bar to type in a place or address, or pinch, zoom and move the map.


Disclaimer: Users are responsible for content they publish on Snewpit. Snewpit is not the source of user content and does not warrant the truth or accuracy of any opinion or comment. Snewpit disclaims all liability for user content. Content may be subject to copyright

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